30 Days, 2368 Bombs

Public art performance in New York City that graphically translates complex statistics (chronically 30 days, 2368 bombs were dropped over Iraq) into an iconographic representation of the human cost of war. Twin sisters to serve one face on both sides of the war. There becomes a loss of identity between the women to illustrate the similarities between them and create equality. The one thing that differentiates them is their dress; the goal of the performance is to visualize the total number of female deaths in the Iraq War during since 2003. Each square inch of fabric represent 10 females deaths.

ublic Art Studio Documentation: In studio, the documentaion of the identities of the women is in a tangle of used single pairs shoes (referencing the one thing left after a bombing or accident) and black wool thread creating a space of tension and suspension, both physical and psychological. The nails are hammered to indentify the mapped location of bombs that were dropped over a 30 day period in Iraq. By binding the gallery into a tangled web, it weaves a net of destruction, loss, identity, and fear that is deeply personal. The sense of chaos is overbearing; the installation is embedded with the nightmarish sense that imprisonment and hopelessness.

Services used:

Web Design, Public Art, Photoshop